Our Family

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Ryan Olmos

Growing up in south Texas from Native American grandparents and a large family taught me many things, most important is the value of family. I grew up with outdoor sports in my blood and a passion for animals and mother earth. CiboDivino is now my extended family and I commit to being the best I can for them. 

My career in San Antonio was vast and included chef rolls in icons such as Gallagher’s Steakhouse, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, The Petroleum Club of SA and the El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel which led to EatZi’s relocation of my family to Dallas. Many years with EatZi’s brought an opportunity to open and run Urban Rio which was named Top 10 Best new and Top 100 of Dallas as well as numerous other accolades. Chef Daniele Puleo and Christina let me in on their vision of their new concept and I was hooked and my new family was born.  

My philosophy is simple, holistic living off the land taking no more than necessary and giving back to mother nature as much as possible for future generations. I plan to source the companies that have a vision for our future through sustainable agriculture. As the executive chef, I take my craft very serious and intend to express my creativity and love for food with innovative dishes and creative core business programs. Our food will be well sourced, planned and executed. We will always listen to our community and continue to bring new ideas and products that support our commitment to excellence.