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Christina Puleo

Christina Puleo, co-founder of CiboDivino, has taken an innovative approach to marketing, public relations and the cultural development of CiboDivino. Mrs. Puleo manages the execution of design, future development and all external affairs. In conjunction with Daniele and Ryan, Christina works very closely on all aspects of the project, including the direction of the CiboDivino brand. Christina heads up all the public relations and media communications plus business development and expansion.

As the buyer for the specialty and retail items at CiboDivino, her heart lies in selecting the most consciously created products available, with a specific consideration for animal welfare. Outside of her food and wine experience, Mrs. Puleo is a 22-year banking veteran. She has spent 15+ years as a Vice President for Business Banking at an International bank. She understand the financial cornerstones of a successful, healthy and thriving business. Mrs. Puleo’s corporate and private industry background helps her to understand how small business build communities. As residents of Oak Cliff, have made their first and foremost intention is to service the neighborhood and support local businesses.

Mrs. Puleo is a certified graduate of the International Sommelier Guild. She is passionate about quality products, execution, growth and her husband.