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New Featured Wines by the Kellerei Bozen Winery

Chef Daniele, owner of CiboDivino Marketplace, captures his enthusiasm and expertise in the wine world with his Enoteca. He has years of experience as a chef and restaurateur in Arizona, California and Dallas, having at one point managed a 35,000 wine bottle cellar. Chef Daniele hand selects over 300 labels with varietals from the very best and boutique vineyards of Italy and California. The Cibo Collection of unique wines range from $8 to over $200 for special cellar selections. Chef Daniele highlights selections from his library by choosing wines to be featured as Wine of the Month and to be served in house by the glass or by the bottle.

For his summertime selection, Chef Daniele has chosen a boutique winery located in the Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol wine region. This bucolic alpine area is located in the farthest northern province of Italy bordering Austria. The region is steeped in history, with some references claiming wine production dates back to the Roman Empire. Thanks to the intersection of Mediterranean climates and Alpine altitude, some points reaching well over 10,000ft (3050m), the region is able to produce nearly almost all varietals of red wine as well as numerous varieties of white wines. It truly is a region of geographical and climatic variation. These interesting variances translate in the wine.

Paralleling the intersection of two distinct geographies, the boutique winery Kellerei Bozen is both steeped in history and modernity. Formed in 1908 from a small collective, the winegrowers’ cooperative has now grown to include 224 members. Its headquarters are located in a newly constructed bronze-colored cube that glimmers in the alpine hillside in the city of Bolzano. The Kellerei Bozen cooperative moved offices, wine shop and entire production area to this new edifice in 2018. The new location is built to the low-energy standard and incorporates a top-down methodology in wine production, with wines entering at the highest level and then moving through each stage of production utilizing gravity through a vertical system. Not only is this advantageous in protecting the grape during production, this process is also employed in the interest of energy efficiency and sustainability. The focus of each bottle is to highlight the brilliant fruit, the characteristic aroma of the grape variety, and its ample substance and complex personality.



The region’s sloping alpine terrain produces incredible white wine varietals, among them is Chef Daniele’s white wine selection, the Kellerei Bozen Weissburgunder Pinot Bianco. Grown in the mountains around Bolzano, grapes are harvested in mid-September and fermented in stainless steel. Excellent minerality is evident in this wine due to the region’s rich mountainous gravel soil. This bright yellow wine offers a crisp, fresh opulence with a fruity aroma of yellow apples, pears and whispers of peach and pineapple. Chef Daniele recommends drinking this right away, and enjoying it with asparagus, fish, or vegetarian dishes. It also drinks very well as an aperitif on warm summer days. Due to the boutique nature of the Kellerei Bozen cantina, availability is limited. It can be found at CiboDivino Marketplace for $18.

About an hour from Bolzano, in the hills of Santa Maddalena, the Kellerei Bozen cooperative grows the grapes that produce an extremely rare wine, the Kellerei Bozen Huck am Bach. A blend of the Schiava and Lagrein grape varietals, Huck am Bach is a ruby red medium strength wine harvested in mid-October that is then fermented and aged in large oak vats. While the oak softens the wine, it does not impact the taste which is full and smooth with floral notes of violets and roses, fruity aromas of red cherry and raspberry, and typical aromas of bitter almond and marzipan. It pairs best with meat dishes, such as: steak, game, smoked meats, pasta, and hard cheeses. Much like the Weissburgunder Pinot Bianco, availability is limited for the Huck am Bach. Find it at CiboDivino Marketplace for $27.

Chef Daniele Puleo is a thirty-year veteran of the restaurant industry. Puleo found his footing in the food and wine markets while growing up in Sicily. Chef Daniele brings his authentic connection to Italian culture and cuisine to the market. His entire family still resides throughout Italy. He and his wife, Christina, still return as often as possible to enjoy family and learn from the traditional methods of Italian fine food and wine. CiboDivino Marketplace is a modern Italian Market where you can find specialty food, memorable wines and products that would make you want to come back again and again.

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