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New Featured Wines By Antonio Tonnino

In the island of Sicily, in territories where mankind still has respect for the land and stand guard to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape, we find the hills of Valle del Belice, where Antonio Tonnino, an upcoming young viticulturist (or contadino, as he likes to call himself) dedicates his present and future for the passion of winemaking. Growing up in the vineyard with his grandfather, who started the Tonnino Azienda Vitivinicola, young Antonio took over the family business when his nonno passed and kept the same respect for the land as he was taught by mentor and grandfather, Paolo. 

Rather than changing years and years of wine family history, Antonio followed the same ancient traditions for natural cycles of nature and balances them with innovative winemaking techniques. His devotion to the land, his love for Sicily, and his respect for the past translate into the wine almost organically.  Every aspect of the vines make sense, they follow the characteristics of the terroir from which they benefit thanks to unique climatic conditions reflected in the glass. “The vine is a filter,” he says, the filtration from the terroir and the juice. The wine is the final product, the sample of every single climatic aspect, that connection between mother nature and its most ancient product, the grape.  

Antonio Tonnino & Daniele Puleo are close friends that share their mutual love of Sicily and passion for fine food and wine. Puleo often visits his friend in Sicily and Antonio enjoys co-hosting wine tastings and dinners at CiboDivino. Watch for upcoming details on Tonnino's visit to CiboDivino in October 2019.


Organic Wines: Grillo & Rosso - 01/01/2019

One of the latest products that reflect the Sicilianitá of Tonnino is Vigna di Mariu Bianco and Rosso. Both wines organically fermented and both with longer maceration in order to give maximum structure and character to the wine. The white could be defined as “orange wine” given the intensity of its yellow gold color. Its complex bouquet of orange peel, dry fig, and tropical fruit is well balanced to the freshness and a good amount of acidity on the palate. Fermentation in stainless ensures the freshness of the fruit and it’s done without the use of yeast or additive; the aging in tonneaux brings out the complexity and the elegance of the wine. This wine is the result of accurate knowledge of the alluvial soil in which the vines grow; a true expression of the elements.  The Tonnino Organic Grillo is available at CiboDivino for $31.

Like the white, the red blend macerates for over 20 days. The vineyards are rich in limestone with a good amount of iron. Here the land is about 200 – 300 AMSL. Aging for the red is done in oak. Ruby Red in color, this wine has a bouquet of currant and chocolate. Great structure and complexity on the palate with notes of dark berry. The Tonnino Organic Rosso is also available at CiboDivino for $31. 

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